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Footwear Sourcing
Production and Logistics

Quality is the key to success.
Passion and Love is the key to Quality.


Our Areas of Expertise

Where We Can Help - 360° production processes covered

We are a full service provider for outsourcing production, experienced in third parties production since 2008. Our main fields of activity are shoes, bags, general accessories in pvc or leather.

We follow productions from the beginning to the finished product and the shipment, offering the best quality control service.


We can provide assistance for its full development.

Production & Logistics

We only select trusted factories with years of experience which follow strictly international quality, human and hygiene standards

Quality Control

We provide high quality control services, also on third party productions.

Why you should choose us as your partner in China?

Our Partners

Some of our customers doubled their production from 200,000 to 400,000 pairs each season thanks to the great service of our quality control team. The products are good so the brand increases in reliability.

If you are looking for the best partner in China, you should choose us because of our long experience on the field, for our professional team, for all of our satisfied customers and for the intense dedication to our job.

Our Mission

To provide superior quality services allowing Foreign Companies to have fair trade opportunities within the country, opening Western-Like communication where transparency is the key for a trustworthy and long-term profitable business with China(Mainland) suppliers.

A permanent anchor point for your overseas business



Brief Showcase of Shoes and Bags we developed.

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