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Production & Logistics


We only select trusted factories with years of experience which follow strictly international quality, human and hygiene standards

  • Man Footwear

  • Lady Shoes

  • Kids Footwear

  • Handbags

  • Metal Hardwares

  • PU/PVC Components

We develop all kinds of production projects in all their phases. We research and oversee the quality of materials and other components according to the customer’s guidelines and standards. We set-up the production in the factory we recognise is most recommended for the typology of footwear is meant to be developed.

Customers always maintains the key role in all levels of production, and we keep him updated on every phase until final product is complete.


Standard procedures for productions to start be like:

  • Prototyping

  • Salesman Samples.

  • Production CFM (confirmation samples), signed by client side and used as reference fort he whole bulk production.

  • Production will start after order confirmation from client side.

Production process in detail

  • Material Supply: Our factories will purchase requires materials only after we’ve confirmed they’re the right ones (Layout, Material, Quality, Colours etc..)

  • Cutting Process: We’ll make sure no mistakes or random changes are made to the original cut design.

  • Assembly Process: Our operators stay in factory during the whole assembly line, to overview the process and spot eventual mistakes made from the labor.

  • Cleaning and Packing Process: The most delicate, specially in China, we ensure everything that gets packed is CLEAN, as per Italian standards, no matter where the product goes.

  • Pick up and Delivery.


Years of Experience in Export for China has allowed us to build a strong portfolio of Forwarders of any kind (Sea, Air, Train). We’ll be able to provide the best quotation despite location and shipping method.

Standard procedure is FOB China (Free on Board), goods will be managed by us from Production Facility untill they get on-board, arranging trucks and all the paperworks needed for the custom checks in order to leave the country.

Meanwhile our office will be in contact 7/7 with client side for any kind of support and troubleshooting.

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