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Why is Quality Control so important?

Quality Control takes hard work, attention to detail and systems for monitoring and assessing whether your products meet the standards you have set. When customers feel that they can count on the consistent quality of your products, your brand gain in reliability.

Our QC Team

Our professional and trained QC team works on the field from several years and for some of the best brands on the market. We strictly adheres to requirements and quality criteria of our customers. We monitor step by step the development of each product lines and act on behalf of the customer in the daily relations with local factory managers solving every technical issues on the product.

How we Work

  • Complete check of materials and samples

  • InlineCheck (in factory)

  • FinalCheck(international standards AQL2.5 or 100%, based on customers needs)

Why Choose us as your Partner in China?

Some of our customers doubled their production from 200.000 to 400.000 pairs each season thanks to the great service of our quality control team. The products are good so the brand increase in reliability.

If you are looking for the best partner in China, you should choose us because of our long experience on the field, for our professional team, for all of our satisfied customers and for the intense dedication to our job.

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