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Fabric Detail

In the latest years our No One | Studio has improved consistently in its structure and services provided.




With several collections built for US, EU, Russian, Emirates and Asian brands, we are always updated on new trends and vogues all over the world.

Nowadays we are cooperating with several different facilities, each one with different features, abilities and commodities to satisfy customers necessities.

Furthermore, our researches in China allowed us to manage multi-sourcing productions for products such as: ultralight knitted fabric uppers, fused TPR on uppers, injected EVA, injected rubber cup-soles and obviously also the standard techniques.

We research materials and accessories according to the customer-defined guidelines. Our key role is to suggest best practices and avoid critical issues during the research of the best materials, for quality and price ratio.

Supply of Footwear Components

We offer business consulting service and collaboration during the research and selection of footwear components for companies that have main production in their country but needs items such as:

  • Leathers

  • Synthetics

  • Fabrics

  • Single components (Outsole, Ready Uppers etc.)

  • Metal/Synthetic Hardwares

  • Metal/Synthetic Hardware personalised moulds

  • Personalised Outsole Moulds (Rubber, EVA(both Injected/Expand), TPR, PVC etc.)


By getting directly to the source we have reached a level where we can provide lower SS quotations to our customers, direct managament of our factories during samples development and chain productions both.

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